Tuesday June 12, 2012

Choreographer Alwin Nikolais Collection

Choreographer Alwin Nikolais Collection

Today’s Collection is inspired by Visual Choreographer, Composer, and Designer Alwin Nikolais. For nearly sixty years Alwin Nikolais worked in multimedia. The examples collected show various effects which Alwin Nikolais’s were known for – abstract dances, electronic motion, environments created for dancers to dance with and blend into, and his “decentralization“ dance theory. “Decentralization held that in depersonalizing dancers through costume and design they could be liberated from their own forms.”[1] For Nikolais this theory would shift the focus from an individual and concentrate on the overall effect of the production. Alwin Nikolais style, direction, and theory lead to some very famous works of art such as “Masks, Props, and Mobiles” (1953), “Totem” (1960), and “Count Down” (1979). [1]

Basic dance–and I should qualify the word basic–is primarily concerned with motion. So immediately you will say but the basketball player is concerned with motion. That is so–but he is not concerned with it primarily. His action is a means towards an end beyond motion. In basic dance the motion is its own end–that is, it is concerned with nothing beyond itself. – Alwin Nikolais

1- PBS, Alwin Nikolais – About Alwin Nikolais, American Masters

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Featured Image: Ririe Woodbury
1-10 Ririe Woodbury
11-13 http://allaboutalwin.blogspot.com/
14- Danced Documentation
15- http://allaboutalwin.blogspot.com/
16- City Weekly

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