Monday July 25, 2011

art deco collection

art deco collection

I get inspired by the past, and enjoy finding elements from various design movements, art periods, or artists in history. Today’s post is a collection from the roaring 20s called Art Deco and includes wallpapers, fabrics, posters, stamps, typography and color inspirations. Art Deco starts in the 1920’s and goes until World War II. I am instantly drawn to the use of geometric and organic shapes, and vibrant colors. Art Deco encompasses elements of glamour using metallic and chrome, playful motifs of sunbursts, zig-zags, chevrons, trapezoids, Egyptian symbols, sweeping curves and happy colors. Enjoy!

“The spectacular animated bird amidst the swirling, stylized foliage, along with the bold use of yellow and black, highlighted with gold metallic paint, epitomizes the most exuberant Deco style.”

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Featured Image: via Design Muse
1- L’Oiseau Moderne, French circa 1925-1930, via Adelphi Paper Hangings by the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
2- Deco Flower via Schumacher
3- Deco Stripe via Schumacher
4- Volute via Bradbury & Bradbury
5- Stardust via Bradbury & Bradbury
6- Cyclos via Bradbury & Bradbury
7 & 8- Viva and Glamour via Graham Brown
9, 10 & 11- Posters from a Graphic Design Lecture via Parkland College
7 & 8- via Graham Brown
14, 15 & 16- Wikipedia Stamps

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