Friday May 11, 2012

byzantine collection

byzantine collection

Today’s article — Byzantine Collection is inspired by the arts, mosaics, patterns, architecture, and manuscripts that either came directly from the geographic location formally known as Byzantine or influenced by the Byzantine era – the Roman Empire during the Middle Ages. The boards below show examples with lavish characteristics and details that use geometric patterns or flowers, birds, and animal designs forming very ornamental embellishments, initials, borders, or illustrations, that are also carried used in architecture and furniture. The use of rich colors and glittering textures are also a characteristic throughout.

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Featured image: Byzantine by Upscale Typography
1- Current advertising for Fabric and Wallpaper by F Schumacher – Byzantium Advertising
2-3 Agape Tile Two Peacocks Stone Mosaic Mural
4- Andalusia : Cordoba – The weaved Byzantine arches above the gates of the Mezquita via
5-8 Byzantine by Upscale Typography
9- Heart Pattern via Marble Granite Tiles, Inc Mosaic Tiles
10- Byzantine and Arabic Mosaic Table Top via Home Interior Design Themes

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