Wednesday November 16, 2011

designing a space collection

designing a space collection

Whether the space is a tradeshow booth, storefront, pop-up shop, an interior of an office, or store interior design there are several objectives to review when designing the space. You have to consider your audience… Who is entering the space? What are they purchasing? What service are you promoting? How is it all displayed?

Is it important to consider the entrance of your space, does it make someone feel invited or intrigued to enter? And just as important to consider the experience of the space as someone is exiting, what kind of memorable experiences or messages will one encounter while inside and leaving? Will they want to return to the space or even a website to find additional information? These are all questions to start off with when designing a space. But there are several we will bring up on later articles.

I have created a collection of spaces I thought were playful, inviting, and intriguing. They also push the boundaries and make every inch count to create a memorable experience.

click on image to view larger

click on image to view larger

Featured Image – arquitextonica: bio-logicas roofing proposal, bilbao via

1- rainbow stripe display, source unknown
2- spiral tradeshow exhibit booth, source unknown
3- cardboard cube display stand, via flickr
4- pop-out flower store front display, via
5- tube seating and lighting, via
6- W hotel display stand, source unknown
7- source unknown
8- spiral walkway, source unknown
9 & 10- colorful meeting area tradeshow booth, source unknown
11- tree and branches plank image via
12- colorful glass flower entrance backlight, source unknown
13- spiral tradeshow exhibit booth, source unknown
14- reclaimed wood graphic wall display, via
15- graphic corridor entrance, source unknown
16- clouds by kvadrat via
17 & 18- illy shipping container via
19- lighting running along the wall, via
20- tradeshow booth interior meeting area and televisions playing commercial, source unknown

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