Monday March 12, 2012

farm to table collection

farm to table collection

Today’s post is inspired by Michael Pollen’s book, Food Rules. Here he talks about eating mostly plants,

“We are better off eating leaves not seeds.
One of the biggest problems with our diet is one of the biggest change over the past 100 years.
We have a heavy seed diet.
We are eating refined grain anything from high fructose corn syrup to white flour.
Among the plants the leaves have the most interesting most valuable nutrition.”

In this collection, Farm to Table, I share beautiful photography that celebrates real food and farming. Real food should be celebrated! It is what nourishes us and contributes to our everyday. With this Farm to Table collection I show simple, down to earth, not overly complicated or fussy photography. The photography uses rustic backgrounds, textures layered, and simple colors and keeps a focus on the ingredients – which is real food or plants.

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click on image to view larger

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Featured Image and Board 1:
Images 1-8
by Photographer Anne Williams

Board 2:
Images 9-13
by Photographers Doswell & McLean
Images 14-16 via
by Photographer Johnny Miller

Board 3:
Images 17-20
by Photographer Lauren Krysti
Images 21-24 via

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