Tuesday August 02, 2011

flower photography still life collection

flower photography still life collection

Today’s collection, Flower Photography Still Life, is for anyone who seeks inspiration using more natural elements into their campaigns, packaging, imagery on their websites, etc. A flower, although a somewhat feminine object, can be used to communicate a range of messages. Sustainable, natural, pure, clean, fresh, colorful, beauty, etc. It is how you take the object and light it that those ideas will come across and be apparent when representing your brand or company. Last year I found a few photographers who were using a process (this process is not new and has been around for 200 years) where they take xrays of objects called x-rayography. I have included a few flowers (featured image above, #8 & 10 below).

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Features Image: Photography from Jacksons of Piccadilly
1- Photography by Warwick Orme
2- Source Unknown
3- Source Unknown
4- Source Unknown
5- Source Unknown
6- Photography by Warwick Orme
7- Photography by Warwick Orme
8- Photography by Steven Meyers via The Berry
9- Photography by Warwick Orme
10- Photography by Steven Meyers via The Berry

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